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Journal: ACS Applied Energy Materials
Manuscript ID: ae-2018-00671w.R2
Title: "Zinc as new dopant for NiOx based planar perovskite solar cells with stable efficiency near 20%" Author(s): Wan, Xingxing; Jiang, Yanan ; Qiu, Zhiwen; Zhang, Hailiang; Zhu, Xiaomeng; Sikandar, Iqbal ; liu, xiaobin; Chen, Xin; Cao, Bingqiang

Dear Dr. Cao:

We are pleased to inform you that your manuscript has been accepted for publication in ACS Applied Energy Materials. Your manuscript has been forwarded to the ACS Publications office. You will be contacted in the near future by the ACS Journal Publishing Staff regarding the proofs for your manuscript. Please note: An ACS ID is required to access proof materials. If you do not have an ACS ID, you will be prompted to create one or go to to register.

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