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祝贺苑帅同学关于钙钛矿电池溶剂分子辅助生长方面的工作被ACS Appl Mater Interface接收!

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High-qualityPerovskite Films Grown with a Fast Solvent-assistedMolecule Inserting Strategy for Highly Efficient and Stable Solar Cells

ShuaiYuan, Zhiwen Qiu, Chaomin Gao, HailiangZhang, Yanan Jiang, Cuncheng Li, Jinghua Yu, Bingqiang Cao†*

Materials Research Center for Energy and Photoelectrochemical Conversion,    School of Material Scienceand Engineering, Schoolof Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, University of Jinan, Jinan 250022,Shandong, China



The performance oforganolead halide perovskites based solar cells has been enhanced dramaticallydue to the morphology control of the perovskite films. In this paper, we present a fast solvent-assisted molecule inserting (S-AMI) strategy to grow high-quality perovskite film, in which themethylammonium iodide/2-propanol (MAI/IPA) solution is spin-coated onto adimethylformamide (DMF) wetted mixed lead halide (PbX2) precursor film. TheDMF can help the inserting of MAI molecules into the PbX2precursor film andprovide a solvent environment to help the grain growth of the perovskite film.The perovskite film grown by S-AMI approach shows large and well-oriented grainsand long carrier lifetime due to the reduced grain boundary. Solar cellsconstructed with these perovskite films yield an average efficiency over 17%along with a high average fill factor of 80%. Moreover, these unsealed solarcell devices exhibit good stability in ambient atmosphere.