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无铅无机Cs2SnI6 介孔钙钛矿太阳能电池研究结果被pss(RRL)接收,并引起国际同行关注与好评。

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"Lead-free mesoscopic Cs2SnI6 perovskite solar cells using different nanostructured ZnO nanorods as electron transport layers" to be published in Physica Status Solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters.

Lead-freeand more air-stable perovskite Cs2SnI6 absorber with a direct bandgapof 1.48 eV is synthesized via a modified solution process. Differentnanostructured ZnO nanorod arrays as electron transport layers andhole blocking layers are grown by controlling the seed layer and used tofabricate mesoscopic perovskite solar cells with Cs2SnI6as light absorber layer. Theinfluences of ZnO seed layers and nanorod morphology on the device photovoltaic performance were also investigated. With careful control of ZnO nanorod length andpore size to ensure high loading of the Cs2SnI6 absorber,we achieved power conversion efficiency of near 1%.