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Duringthe growth of CH3NH3PbI3-xClx(MAPbI3-xClx) perovskite films by two-stepinter-diffusion method, the presence of trace amount of oxygen gas is criticalto their physical properties and photovoltaic performance. As the oxygenconcentration increases, poor film morphologies and incomplete surface coverageare observed. Moreover, by XRD, Raman scattering, and photoluminescencemeasurements, we find that MAPbI3-xClx grainsbecomemore distorted and the electron-hole recombination rate dramatically increases.Higher oxygen concentration triggers a sharp decrease in the current densityand the fill factor of corresponding solar cells, which degrades device performance,in average, from 14.3% to 4.4%. This work proves the importance of controlling the oxygen atmosphere in the fabricationof high-performance perovskite solar cells.