CAO group @  济南大学 (Univ Jinan)

Research topics

1. Inorganic semiconductor films,heterostructures, and nanostructures: PLD-synthesis, c     haracterizations, and physicalpro perties.

   2. Nano-electronicand optical devices: Perovskite solar cells, LED and gas sensors.

   3. Energy storage materials and devices: Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors.

   4. Energyand environmental applications of nanotechnology: Nanotribology

☆ 致力于运用激光物理/化学沉积生长技术和光电谱学表征手段,探索无机功能材料在能源、环境领域的应用。

☆ 先进功能纳米材料的可控合成及其在太阳能电池、超级电容器、锂离子电池、电阻传感器等中的应用


Typical progress

(1) p-type ZnO nanowires for LED

(2) ZnO/ZnMgO nanowire Quantum wells for LED

(3) Advanced growth methods for perovskite solar cells


                                All these fundings are greatly acknowledged.